Side by side monotypes

Paint Lab – Weeks 8 & 10

Although it has been awhile since I’ve posted, Kim and I have still been painting along, nonetheless!  I’ve decided to combine Week 8, the Golden Ratio, and Week 10, Monotypes, into one post to keep things moving along.  You may be wondering, “what happened to Week 9″?  Well, Week 9 …

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Rebecca Stockdill, Rhode Island Mussel, gouache on paper, 2016

Paint Lab – Week 7 – Up Close

This week’s lab was all about zooming in and getting big.  We were encouraged to take a very small object and paint it much larger than life.  The inspiration for this work was none other the the great Georgia O’Keeffe who is known for her intense close up images of …

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Rebecca Hamilton Stockdill, Avocado, Gouache and Ink, 2016

Paint Lab – Week 6 – Botanical Illustrations

This week’s lab was inspired by the detailed botanical drawings popular in the 15th through 17th century which typically featured sketches of …

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Kim Sammartino, Geometry Study, 2016

Paint Lab – Week 5 – Geometry

This week’s lesson was another exercise in abstract creation.  The works were based on the geometric art of Kazimir Malevich, and it …

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Rebecca Hamilton Stockdill, Study in Warm Tones, 2016

Paint Lab – Week 4 – Squeegee

Kim and I both agree, this was our favorite lesson so far.  The object of this week’s lesson was to use a …

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Owl and Girl Meditating

Paint Lab – Week 3 – Dreams

Kim and I have made it to week 3! This week’s project was inspired by the artwork of Keren Kroul.  Our assignment …

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STUDENT - Hand Sewn Dolls square

Colonial Cloth Dolls – With Coventry High School

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a child in Colonial times?  There was no Target or Toys-r-Us, …

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Pour = close up

Paint Lab – Week 2 – Let It Pour

I am thrilled that my friend Kim has decided to indulge in weekly painting exercises along with me!  Our first project together …

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Olaf Puppet

Puppet Making at Coventry High School

Over the past two weeks, I had the pleasure of working on a long-term art project with two “Child Studies” classes at …

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Cod - Watercolor on Paper

Paint Lab – Week 1 – Mark Making

I treated myself to the book Paint Lab, 52 Exercises Inspired by Artists, Materials, Time, Place and Method by Deborah Forman from the …

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