Here Come the Eggy Babies

Eggy Babies

What is an eggy baby?  An eggy baby is a simple felted doll that I made with my kids, (Deirdre – 4, Jonah – 2). Basically, we felted one of Jon’s old wool sweaters, cut it into ovals and made it into dolls.  I did the sewing and the cutting, and the kids drew on faces with markers and stuffed them full of cotton batting.  I figured, if Build-a-Bear can build an empire on letting kids stuff their own toys, why can’t we have some of that fun at home?  The kids enjoyed it so much, they made extras to give to some of their friends at school.  I hear that one of Deirdre’s friends loved his eggy baby so much, he sleeps with it at night!

Eggy Baby Template

If you’d like to make your own, here is the template and basic instructions.  You can do the sewing by hand or machine — we did both.

  • Felt a wool sweater by putting it through a hot water wash cycle
  • Draw your pattern — a basic egg shape 6 1/2 by 5 inches
  • Cut out 2 pattern templates.  On one of the templates, draw a head and cut it out so that you now have 3 pattern pieces
  • Cut out the 2 larger pieces from your felted sweater
  • Cut out the smallest piece from linen, muslin or whatever you want to use for the face
  • Pin right sides together of face and body front.  Stitch together
  • If you want to add a decorations (we used felt hearts and bows), sew it on at this point
  • Pin right sides of front and back together.  Stitch around the outside, leaving a 1″ opening at the bottom
  • Turn rightside out
  • Let the kids draw on a face and stuff their eggy baby with stuffing
  • Whip stitch closed the opening at the bottom

If you are using felted sweaters for another project save the scraps and use for eggy babies.  You can use different colors for the front and back.  I think we will try to add hair for our next batch.  Have fun!

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