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On January 1, 2009, I made a New Year’s resolution to start a blog.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted it to be about, but I was pretty sure that I wanted to write one.  Well, 2009 came and went, and I never seemed to have the initiative to get things going.   Fast forward to to January 2010, and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge.

Crochet and Knit Felted Bag with Flowers

I don’t know if its those new vitamins that I’ve been taking, or the fact that the kids are now sleeping through the night, but I seem to have a burst of renewed energy.  So,  drumroll, please….Welcome to iceblueberries!  This blog is dedicated to the  creative side of just about everything.   The name ‘iceblueberries’ comes from one of my daughter Deirdre’s favorite foods as a toddler – frozen blueberries.  For some reason, it seemed to fit.  It is also the name of my etsy shop.  If you like what you see on this blog, please check out my shop iceblueberries.com.

Follow my blog, and you’ll get to read about the fun things I’ve been working on, creative projects that I do with my kids, as well as, the cool things other people are doing.  That’s right, I’ll toot my own horn, but I’ll toot yours, too!  I plan to feature other artists, designers, and creative individuals as much as possible, so if you would like to be featured, give me a shout.

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