The Lonely Socks Club – Or, Who Ate My Sock?

This post doesn’t really have anything to do about creativity or any other type of artistic endeavor.  I’m really just taking advantage of a forum to vent on a very common, yet annoying problem — the mystery of the missing sock.

Fifty Missing Socks

The Lonely Socks Club

When we moved to Rhode Island almost 2 years ago, I started a missing sock box.  Each time I did laundry, and failed to make a match, I would stash the single sock in a box.  Every so often I would sit down and sort through the socks to see if any of the singles matched up.   (Kind of like my own sock dating service.)  Anyway, I went to match up some socks earlier this week and realized that my missing sock collection had grown to astronomical proportions.  Even after matching up 7 pairs, I was still left with 50 single socks!  What the &%@$??? Where ever did they come from?  Have the neighborhood socks heard about my service and immigrated to my house in the stealth of night?  I swear i don’t even recognize some of them.

Pile of Missing Socks

The Sock Pile

I’ve checked under the beds and behind the dressers, but haven’t found enough evidence to justify 50 missing socks!  Anyway, I will keep my collection until I give up hope of finding their mates.  In the meantime, let me know if you have any creative uses for single socks. I’m open to suggestions!

UPDATE – Some of my lucky socks have been claimed by overnight guests who can now reunite them with their mates.  A few others have turned up inside pillow cases and the corners of fitted sheets.  Alas, the vast majority remain in “The Pile”.

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