Kid Kanzashi – Guess What We Used To Make These Flowers

OK, what did you guess?  I bet you didn’t guess baby wipes!  That’s right, these flowers are actually made from dried out (unused) diaper wipes.

Kanzashi Flower Bouquet

Kind of neat, huh?  Basically, these are baby wipes, dried, cut into squares, folded, and sewn together to make a flower.  The finished flower was then painted with food coloring and water.  The design is based on Kanzashi, the Japanese art of folding paper or fabric into intricate flowers, oftentimes to be used a hair jewelry.  As much as I’d love to, I can’t take credit for this adaptation.  My daughter wanted to make something herself to give to my mom for her birthday, and the Crafty Crow directed me to the instructions for these flowers on Filth Wizardry (a fun blog with lot’s of ideas to share with kids).  If you and your kids are interested in making your own flowers, you should check it out.  Filth Wizardry has very detailed instructions with great photos.  If we make these again, I think I’ll use more food coloring in our ‘paint’ to give a more intense color.

If you are interested in taking a more traditional approach and making fabric flowers, I found this tutorial on Instructibles which seems very straightforward.  If you are ready for the advanced session, you might want to check out this site by Jen Minnis.   She has alot of information and a picture of a gorgeous hairpiece she made.

Our Bouquet

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