Are You A Polyvore?

I have to admit, when I first saw the article about Polyvore in the New Yorker a few weeks ago, I thought “Are you kidding me?  Grown ups really spend their time doing this?”  But, as I read I on, I became more and more curious about this website.  Now, I’m totally hooked!

Polyvore is a site for anyone who loves clothes, accessories and anything to do with fashion.  Here is the gist of it — you get to ‘shop’ from an amazingly huge selection of fashion items by a myriad of designers (dresses, skirts, pants, shoes, jewelry, bags, etc) and add them to your on-line closet.  You can then arrange your favorite items into outfits, or ‘sets’ and publish them to the site.  Once published, anyone else can look at your creation and comment on it.  Not only can you clip items that are already stored at the site, you can browse fashion sites on the web and use the clipper tool to drag in other items.  (It doesn’t work for all sites — sorry, you can’t clip things from Etsy).  Although, I’ve found that you can clip photos from the patterns at LionBrand.   If you’ve ever looked at a fashion magazine, and said “I would never have paired those boots with that skirt!” then, this is your chance to get it right.  It kind of reminds of “Fashion Plates” for grown-ups.  Remember when you were a kid, you loved those plastic clothing-shaped plates that you arranged over different textures, put a piece of paper on top, and then rubbed with a crayon to create an outfit?  This is like that, but with so many more possibilities.

Not only is it fun to create your own set, but its really cool to check out what everyone else has done.  The creations run the gamut from traditional fashion to completely surreal (think mix and match body party with wild accessories).  People can add custom background, photos of actual people, and fun text.  I’ve noticed that while working on sets, I tend to focus on items of clothing that I would either wear if I could actually afford it, like the Betsey Johnson ensemble, or items I would love to wear if I dared, like the can-can skirt.  It had definitely made me think twice about what I put on when I wake up in the morning.  Goodbye, sweats! (or as Jon calls them — daytime pajamas!).

Here are a few sets that I’ve put together, just for fun!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

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