Around the World in 52 Weeks – Egypt


Needless to say, everyone wanted to study ancient Egypt rather than modern Egypt.  Although, we talked about pyramids, the sphinx, mummies and Egyptian gods, we also learned about ancient Egyptian homes, cuisine, and clothing.   Here are a few interesting facts that we learned this week:

  • Ancient Egyptians used honey  to help wounds heal and help prevent infections
  • Beer and bread were staples in the Ancient Egyptian diet
  • In the Old Kingdom Egyptians were even paid in food
  • Some authorities credit ancient Egypt as being the birth place of modern medicine

I checked a book out of the library called Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors, an Activity Guide by Marian Broida which had crafts and activities associated with almost every aspect of ancient life.  I definitely recommend it.  The book covered everything from daily living and food to religion and the afterlife.  Based on the book’s instructions, we made a model Egyptian courtyard (just the right size for Polly Pocket), made a mummy out of Pink Bear, made our own Egyptian costumes, wrote in hieroglyphics and baked fig bread.

Model of an Ancient Egyptian Courtyard Garden

Pink Bear as a Mummy

Ancient Egyptian Dress

We also did a night of Egyptian cuisine.  The pictures don’t do the food justice — it was actually really tasty!  Our menu consisted of Egyptian Beef and Okra Stew over rice (yes, another excuse to use the okra in my garden), hummus, pomegranate, and fig bread.

Egyptian Cuisine – Beef & Okra Stew over Rice, Fig Bread, Hummus, Pomegranate

Finally, we found watched a series of video shorts on the Discovery Channel about ancient Egypt.  Next, we are off to France!

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