Super Easy Pirate Costume Tutorial

Pirate Girl

With Halloween only two days away, I thought I would post instructions for a super easy last minute Pirate costume.  My daughter and I made her version of the costume to wear to the Harbor Festival in Wickford Village earlier this fall.   This costume  involves no sewing and can be completed in less than 10 minutes, so it is great for a last minute costume party!

Materials Needed:

  • 2 old t-shirts
  • 36″ of ribbon
  • scissors


  • Pirate Hat
  • Old Skirt
  • eye patch
  • head scarf


  1. Cut t-shirts along green dotted lines as shown in the photo below.  The first t-shirt will be the “Pirate Vest”; the 2nd t-shirt will be the undergarment
  2. Place vest over the undergarment
  3. Lace ribbon through the holes in the vest as if you were lacing a shoe
  4. You now have your complete pirate shirt!

Cut Along Green Dotted Lines

Closeup of Pirate Vest

Variations & Tips

  1. This method can be used for either a child or adult; for adult, you may want longer ribbon for the ties
  2. Use a white undergarment, black vest and red ribbon for a real “piratey” effect
  3. Instead of a pirate hat, pair the costume with a headscarf and be a gypsy!
  4. Cut a square neck on the vest for a different effect
  5. Make more or fewer holes for the lacings for different effects
  6. For a boy, use the same design, but do not cut holes for the lace up ribbon; leave the vest plain
  7. I found that smaller size t-shirt work better since they stretch out when cut

And, since you are in the Pirate mood, here is some fun Rhode Island Pirate history for you.  Have fun dressing up!

A Very Cute Little Gypsy!

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