Around the World in 52 Weeks – France


For me, you can’t study France without talking about art and food.  I decided that we didn’t have time, and the kids didn’t have the patience for a deep dive into impressionism, but we did spend some time reading about Degas.  I thought his ballerina paintings would appeal to Deirdre.  For cuisine, I tried my hand at making beouf bourguignon, and our Czech Republic pancakes seemed to have resurrected themselves in the form of crepes!

Degas' Ballerinas

Degas’ Ballerinas

The highlight, of course, was spending an evening with our friends Laurent, Julia, Lucy and baby Emile.  Laurent is from France and the whole family is fluent in French.  This gave Deirdre and Jonah a chance to practice their “Bonjour” and “Je m’appelle…” among other phrases.  Although Deirdre still didn’t get an answer to her burning question of how did they get Marie Antionette to hold still when they cut off her head.  (too much Alice in Wonderland this fall)  Finally, a special thanks to Laurent for his delicious fall stew and for firing the pottery we made from our Bangladesh study!

Someday, I will actually visit the lavender fields in Provence.  In the meantime, next stop — Guatemala.

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