Name That Squash

Mystery Squash

If you read my Feral Pumpkin post, you know that I was convinced that I had giant pumpkins growing out of my compost.  Well, now that fall is here, nature has proven me wrong.   What I thought were pumpkins turned out to be some type of huge, unidentified winter squash.  We ended up with four of these beauties.  They are about 12-15 inches across, kind of squatty, and have the same beige color as a butternut squash.  Honestly, I can’t figure out what they are.  I described them to one of the farmers at the Farmer’s Market, but she wasn’t quite sure either, although she was quite certain that they would be good eatin’!  If you have ANY idea what kind of squash these are, please let me know!

Identified or not, we are planning on eating them all.  Here are a few of the yummy recipes I plan to check out:


Here is a photo of what one of the super-squash looks like after being opened up.  So far, I’ve made enough soup for three meals, made 2 pies, and froze enough boiled squash for 2 more pies.  Oh, yeah, that only accounts for 1/2 of one squash.  We still have the other 1/2 in the fridge and one more waiting to be eaten.  We gave the others away to be enjoyed by others.  Not too bad for something that spontaneously came out of the compost bin!!!

Cross Section of Our Super-Squash

Here are some more pics of Deirdre and Jonah enjoying their harvest:

Deirdre’s Feat of Strength

Jonah Just Hanging Out

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