Amigurumi Swap Spring 2013

Zombie Kitten and Kitty Keychain

Zombie Kitten and Kitty Keychain

If you like to crochet cute little critters, you should definitely consider participating in one of Ravelry‘s Amigurumi Swaps.  For more details on how the process works, check out my post from last year “Amigurumi Swap – Look What I Got” .  Here we are, a year later, and I just finished up with my 2nd swap.  I was thrilled to receive this cute little zombie kitten and zombie kitty keychain from my swap buddy, Panda8ngel.  I hope she enjoys the package that I just popped into the mail for her.  (I’ll post pics later, but don’t want to ruin the surprise!)

In addition to the adorable amis, she also sent me a hand made swarovski crystal goldfish, seeds for my garden (my cats will love the catnip!), snap-on eyes, a notepad, tasty noodles, and 3 balls of fuzzy Sensations yarn.  I was happily surprised to receive the yarn since it is the same kind I use for hair for my mermaid amis.  Unfortunately, the yarn didn’t make it into the picture since it was spirited away as soon as I opened the box.    Apparently, my kids decided to dress up the skeins of yarn in dolls clothes and pretend they are stuffies until I need to use them for a project.

All My Loot

All My Loot

You can check out Panda8ngel’s other creations at Crystal Panda.  Many thanks for her thoughtful gifts!

If you like to knit or crochet, you should definitely check out Ravelry.  This free, on-line community for knitters & crochets is a wonderful resource for patterns, project ideas, and sharing pointers & experiences.

Ami Swap3


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