Time For A Dust Bath!

Getting Dirty

Getting Dirty

Before my four feathered friend moved into our backyard, I knew very little about chickens and their quirky habits.  Honestly, I had no idea that chickens were predisposed to dig holes in the dry dirt and wallow around like little pigs.  Apparently, chickens take dust baths to keep clean – quite an oxymoron, if you’ve seen them in action!  The dust and dirt helps kill any bugs or mites that may be on their skin or in their feathers.  Which is great because I definitely want clean, bug-free chickens.

Our hens have two favorite spots in their play-yard where they’ve dug small pits about 4 inches deep.  When the sun is shining (which is a rarity these past few weeks), and the dirt has dried to their liking, they want nothing other than to climb on in and use their wings and beaks to toss the dirt all around.  I’ve even seen them roll completely onto their backs!

Here is a quick video I took of our girls in action.

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