Paint Lab – Week 2 – Let It Pour

I am thrilled that my friend Kim has decided to indulge in weekly painting exercises along with me!  Our first project together was “Let It Pour” inspired by the art of Helen Frankenthaler.  For this experiment in painting, we were asked to dilute the paint with medium and water and pour it directly onto the canvas.

Frankenthaler, Helen, Radius, (1938), Museum of Modern Art, Retrieved from

While it was definitely fun to experiment with pouring the paint and seeing how it mixed, the end result wasn’t exactly my favorite.  The instructions in the book called for mixing 1:5 ratio of paint/medium to water, which Kim and I found to be a bit too runny.  So, we let our paintings dry (2 days of drying time!) and did another layer with thicker paint.  We also each did second painting, experimenting with thicker poured paint.  Here are the finished products.

Rebecca, Convergence

Rebecca Stockdill, Convergence, 2016

Kim Sammartino, Study in Pink, Black, and Silver

Kim Sammartino, Study in Pink, Black, and Silver, 2016

Here is what the original paintings looked like after the first pouring of paint. I’m afraid mine looked like a mud puddle!  I definitely liked it better after the second layer of paint.

First pour of paint drying

First pour of paint drying

Here are our paintings using a thicker paint mixture.  All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I like seeing how the colors bleed together to form interesting patterns.

Rebecca, River in the Desert

Rebecca Stockdill, River in the Desert

Kim Sammartino, Color Study

Kim Sammartino, Color Study

Here are what the paintings look like close up.  You can really start to see the colors starting to blend.

Pour = close upPour - pink close up


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