Paint Lab – Week 5 – Geometry

This week’s lesson was another exercise in abstract creation.  The works were based on the geometric art of Kazimir Malevich, and it encouraged us to focus on shape and color.  For this lesson, Kim and I cut black construction paper into multiple shapes and then glued them onto a large piece of paper.  Our goal was to replicate the arrangement in several different paintings, using different hues and textures of gouache paint.  This was my first time ever using gouache, so experimenting with the colors was a great learning experience for me.  I liked using the gouache so much, I am going to use it again in next week’s lesson.


Kazimir Malevich, Suprametism, 1915, Stedelyk Museum, Amsterdam, Retrieved from

Here are samples of the paintings that I made for this week’s exercise.  I was more focused on experimenting with the gouache paint than on the geometry of the shapes, so my paintings bear little resemblance to Malevich’s work.  To make it even more challenging, I actually let my 8-year old son arrange the black shapes for me, and I promised to paint whatever he came up with.  Apparently, he was going for an abstract smiley face!

Original Layout of Design

Original Layout of Design


Rebecca Stockdill, Geometric Study in Muted Tones, 2016


Rebecca Stockdill, Geometric Study in Jewel Tones, 2016

Here are pictures of Kim’s original layout design and her completed project.  I like the retro, op-art look that the shapes have — very reminiscent of the work by Malevich.

Original Layout of Shapes

Original Layout of Shapes

Kim Sammartino, Geometry Study, 2016

Kim Sammartino, Geometry Study, 2016


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